We believe that supporting entrepreneurs with focussed, powerful ideas makes the world a better place.

Our Mission

We operate best early in the business, where a mix of connections, guidance and cash is what you need to make your idea thrive in the global markets.

Our Culture

We come from a background of doing, rather than evaluating, so we will give you the most when you are tackling something big, cool, and downright gutsy.

Companies We Help

DCR is an early stage investor in connected (web and mobile enabled) businesses & ideas that genuinely understands the Risk Vs Reward curve.

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Our strategy is to be an investor / entrepreneur partner.

Our goal is to help entrepeneurs in the early to mid stages of growth through an injection of either capital or experience.

We like early stage.

Genrally we like to invest our time in companies that are in the early stages of tackling something big, cool, and downright gutsy, especially if its global.

And we have been there before

We know what it's like to sweat blood to execute on an idea, and we focus on those markets where we have direct experience in building global businesses.

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We Believe in the Power of Ideas & Execution

Many new entrepreneurs find themselves at a loss to connect with people who can truly empathise with the challenges they face.

The founders we help are all incredibly talented and humble, working on real world problems, and share the view that teams can achieve much more than individuals.

Together we can enhance your teams abilities and fill in the gaps we all have.

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We also help larger businesses become more entrepreneurial.

We assist leading global companies that recognise the need to adopt a more entrepreneurial mindset to outperform their competitors.

Assisting with strategy.

With a rapidly changing consumer & business landscape, many leaders now recognise the unique value startup experience brings to strategy.

And product development.

Often the key differentiator that leads to market leadership is the combination of a great idea, with rapid, impeccable execution.

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Sample of our portfolio


Mobile driven, Video on Demand Search & Discovery


A new way of rating and reviewing movies.

Effective Measure

Internet Audience Measurement for emerging economies.


World leading online bariatric medical database.


Leading Australian eCommerce SAAS provider.


Youth & nightlife entertainament social network.

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